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Laptop Repair Dublin

At The IT Clinic our laptop repair dublin service will look after any possible kind of issue you could be having with your laptop/notebook. Laptops are portable computers and often get damaged while on the go. Whether it’s a working  laptop or a gaming laptop or just for personal use, its highly inconvenient  to be without it for any period of time so when your laptop is out of action, call us to get back up and running asap.

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Below are some of the laptop repair services we offer. 

  • Software issues
  • Operating system problems (BSOD, etc)
  • Hinge repair
  • Screen replacements
  • Touch screen replacements
  • Dc jack repair
  • Keyboard replacement
  • Overheating
  • Battery replacement
  • Chargers
  • Trackpad repair
  • MacBook repair 

Software issues – Laptops run on the same software as pc computers and so they are susceptible to software issues. Some common issues can be the laptop is running slow, you are experiencing crashes, Blue screen of death, etc. One thing to note is that a slow running laptop is not always a software issue. Causes of slowness can also be a failing hard disk drive/ solid state drive or potentially fault memory (RAM)

Hinge repair –  A hinge connects the lid of the laptop to the base of the laptop. A common issue is over time these hinges can become very loose and the laptop screen fails to stand up on its own. Another problem can be the hinge breaks entirely or separates from the internal casing. Do not worry, in all cases we can provide a repair option. In some cases, we can refit the original hinge to the casing. If that is not possible, we can replace the hinges with new ones. Either way, you are back up and running. 

Screen replacements – We offer a fast turn around screen replacement service. In most cases we can have the screen replacement done in the same day. However, there are lots of different sizes of screen and lots of different models. While we cannot stock them all we do have a huge selection to get your repair done as fast as possible. 

Touch screen replacements – Touch screens have become almost standard on modern laptops. Usually the touch screen is made up of a regular LED screen with a glass digitizer in front. If you happen to damage or crack this digitizer the touch function will no longer work or be problematic. We can replace the front digitiser glass on your laptop.
In some cases, the touch screen functionality can be built into the LED screen. These can also be replaced should you run into difficulties.  

Overheating laptops – Laptops are very susceptible to overheating issues. Overheating can occur most commonly when the laptop is not used on a firm on clean surface and is used on surfaces like your lap, bed, sofa etc. While your laptop fan is running it draws in cool air to keep the temperature down but if its on a surface like a sofa it will also draw in dust and fibres. Over time the dust and fibres build up and make it more difficult for cool air to flow through the laptop. After long periods of time this can also cause the thermal paste on your CPU and GPU to become dry and ineffective. You may begin to experience the laptop will shut down randomly after being on for a while and in some cases, this can cause permanent damage to the laptop’s CPU and GPU.  At the I.T Clinic we can strip, clean and apply fresh thermal paste to your laptop to keep it running cool.  

DC Jack repair and replace – The DC jack, or power port, is the part of the laptop that you plug your charging cable into to charge the batter on your laptop. These ports are naturally prone to electrical damage as they carry the power from your wall outlet all the way to your laptop battery. In some cases, you may notice the charging tip getting hot after long periods of charging your laptop. If this happens you should seek professional help as its likely the DC port on your laptop is beginning to burn out. The quicker this is seen to the better as further damage can occur to the laptop mainboard if unchecked. Alternatively, it is not uncommon for people to trip over their cable, knock over their laptop, or have the laptop take a bump while plugged in. This can cause physical damage to the dc jack. If this happens you will most likely need the dc jack on your laptop replaced with a new one. Some of these DC jacks attach with a cable harness and clip into the mainboard while others are soldered directly on the mainboard. We repair and replace both kinds.  

Keyboard replacements – Keyboards do not usually fail by themselves. They are one of the sturdier components of a laptop. Usually when something goes wrong its physical damage such as a spillage on to the keyboard or a key has fallen off. That does not mean that keyboards can’t fail normally, they can. Some keyboards can be removed from laptops without much hassle while others are in built to the panels/palmrest. In the event that the keyboard is build into the top panel it is recommended to replace the entire panel. 

Trackpad replacement – The trackpad is the touch device you use to move the mouse around the screen on your laptop. Like keyboards these are usually quite sturdy. However, they can fail or suffer physical damage. Also, like keyboards they can be independently fitted inside the laptop or in some cases they are embedded into the panel. In both cases a repair is possible. 

Battery replacement – Batteries inside your laptop allow the laptop to run without being plugged into a charger. Batteries are the only component inside a laptop to have a definite lifespan, they do not last forever. Over time you will notice that your laptop will last shorter times in between being fully charged, this is normal. Typically, a battery will last three years at peak performance from new. Some batteries can simply be popped out and replaced without any hassle, but more modern laptops have began concealing the battery internally. If you need an internal battery replaced, we can open your laptop and fit a new one.  

Chargers – The plug that chargers your laptop. We keep a huge selection of chargers for sale if you should lose or damage your own. We do not offer repair on laptop chargers.

MacBook repair – Everything covered above regarding laptops also applies to MacBook’s. A MacBook is the same as a laptop in most cases. It has all the same components and is susceptible to the same kind of faults and damage. MacBook’s to tend to have higher lifespan than laptops. They are a premium product, and such are usually more expensive to repair. We have Apple certified expert technicians at the I.T clinic who are ready and waiting to assist you with all your Apple MacBook issues.